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Cycle Shoes : My Imelada Marcos moments ...

1971-1989 - Shool Shoes and Trainers Like everyone else I guess I started cycling in school shoes and trainers and flat pedals.   I used to take a very retro approach to cycling, shunning toe clips and derailleurs and going everywhere on my old 3 speed Raleigh Wayfarer roadster bike.   My view was that all these weird cycling shoes, gears etc were just expensive non-essential that got in the way and made things unreliable. However in my mid 20s the old Raleigh got stolen.  I "borrowed" my fathers almost unused 1970s Viking Mileater and decided it was time to upgrade it with modern gearing and wheels.  I discovered toeclips and after a few initial hassles (falling off clipped in, knee pain from incorrect adjustment) I adapted to them and started using them on and off-road.  In the ferry picture above I am wearing Reebok running shoes !!!    The downside of this was I got wet feet and very little sole support... but I was used to this and didn't know what I was missing !!!

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